Spirit Vale – Attempt 1

Thank you to everyone who was prepared for the raid this week, Although we didn’t complete it first time we made a really good effort at it.

The first three guardian were a nice warm up for everyone and went down with easy, with these basic tactics under everyone’s belt we moved onto the Vale Guardian.

It was a bit of a rocky start with people not listening and not prepared for what was going on around them but with the kinks ironed out we started to make progress. As i said on the night, there was really good DPS and Condition damage with Phase 1 finishing around 6:20 and Phase 2 finishing around 5:00. The main issue we’ve came to was Phase 3 and not moving from section to section quickly enough – But with a guild tank and some practice i’m sure we’ll get there soon enough and be moving onto Phase 4.

As a general comment for everyone, please listen to the commander and don’t try running in or around until your told to – if you have any issues with this then please sit on your hands until you’re told to start. On a tactics note, Condi team please don’t break the bosses bar in the split phase until your told to – we need everyone in the correct position before we break his bar and move to the next phase. a big note to the Tank, your only job is to keep the boss smacking you in the face in the right place – if you see people downed then leave them, and forget about the green circles.

Overall good work from everyone, with the best attempt almost getting him to 50%.

A special thank you to Davy B and Jorin for assisting with explaining the tactics and calling out when certain things happened.

Written by: Guitarburnsy