Guild Bounty

2-MULT (Timberline Falls)

  • This defective prototype weather golem has been storming around Timberline Falls. Target needs to be brought in for a software patch.
  • Fight mechanics: Every 25%, 2-MULT will stop, spread his out arm to do to a whirlwind attack that throw lots of sparks out within 1000-1200 range. You need to kill these sparks and then interact with them to throw them back to to 2-MULT to remove his Overlord buff that otherwise makes him immune to damage.

gw2-2-mult-guild bounty-2gw2-2-mult-guild bounty

Map created by Midnight Mayhem (top left corner of Timberline Falls)

gw2-2-mult-guild bounty-timberline-falls-pathing-map

Ander “Wildman” Westward (Southsun Cove)

  • Wanted for illegal trafficking of exotic wildlife. Suspected of attempting to wrangle karka in their island habitat.
  • Ander Wildman Westward is trapped inside a Veteran Karka. This Veteran Karka is unusual as makes a lot of unusual noises and has a speech bubble (see pic below)


Locating Ander “Wildman” Westward isn’t particular hard if you keep two things in mind. Most of the Veteran Karkas are on the area covered by the small circle and that is where I would search first. Stop for a few seconds near every Veteran Karka and see if they make any weird noises or speech bubbles. If you don’t find any weird veteran karaks in that area, you will need to look for a veteran karka on the rest of the island. The rest of the island  isn’t veteran karka’s natural habitat so if you spot a veteran karka outside the small circle there is a very good chance that Ander is trapped inside.


Big Mayana (Sparkfly Fen)

  • This voracious hylek is wanted for questioning about a recent poisoning. Target is thought to have taken refuge in the canopy of Sparkfly Fen.
  • Look for Suspicious Tree around Sparkfly Fen, see map below. Note that the map doesn’t contain all the possible locations.You can interact with the trees but they won’t yield anything until the Guild Bounty with Big Mayana as a target starts.
  • Fight mechanics: It appears Big Mayana will randomly swallow someone within a certain range so do this fight at max range if possible. If you get swallowed, try hit the button with the boot symbol (it will be random everytime) to get out. 5+ players is recommended for this boss.


Here is a map of possible spawn locations created by Midnight Mayhem/Grey[DVDF]


Bookworm Bwikki (Lornar’s Pass)

  • Wanted for unauthorized removal and vandalism of books as well as nonpayment of library fines. Last seen fleeing down snow-covered slopes from a library.
  • Do not attack Bwikki when he has this Frost Aura on him. He will apply a chill on you that lasts for 20 seconds and is immune to any damage you dealt when you are chilled. Just stop attacking when you see him with this buff icon.


Pathing Map


Brekkabek (Harathi Hinterlands)

  • Wanted for illegally attempting to keep a bear as a pet. Last seen fleeing a centuar encampment into the protection of other skritt


Map created by Agony Gaming. Note: Sometiems Brekkabek will only do the southern loop so look in the south first.


Crusader Michiele (Sparkfly Fen)

  • Wanted for desertion, spreading panic, and biting a superior officer. Reportedly wandering the coastal realm of the sunless undead champion.


Here is the map of her pathing in Sparkfly Fen provided by Agony Gaming. Her pathing is clockwisebut sometimes she can path counterclockwise on the same path as well.


Deputy Brooke (Snowden Drifts)

  • Wanted for impersonating a deputy of the Lionguard. Last seen hassling travelers along the Drifts Detour.


Deputy Brooke follows this wide path around Snowden Drifts created by Ranth Gearshot . A larger map can be found here.


Devious Teesa (Frostgorge Sound)

  • Wanted for theft, attempted assassination, and incorrect filling of Patent Form 12.21-D. Recently sighted entering dredge-filled cavern by a kodan patrol.
  • Devious Teesa has a similar pull to Lieutenant Kholer in pre-revamp Ascalonian Catacombs. At least 5-6 people is recommended before you engage her.


Here is the path she takes in Frostgorge Sound. Part of her route is inside the dredge caverns, as the hint suggests. Her pathing is counterclockwise.


Diplomat Tarban (Brisban Wildlands)

  • Wanted for impersonation of an ambassador. Suspected of planning fraudulent negotiations with the local skritt kingdom.


His pathing map around Brisban Wildlands created by eternitymango/Gelda Nebilim (1hr 30 for a full loop, clockwise).


Half Baked Komali (Mount Maelstrom)

  • Wanted for reckless endangerment and unlicensed geomantic experimentation, including a recent attempt to immerse an inquest engineer in a lava pool.
  • Fight Mechanics: Half Baked Komali has a fire shield that makes him extremely resistant to damage and applies 1 stack of vulnerability to attackers each time he is attacked.


His pathing map around Mount Maelstrom (Clockwise, around 1 hr to complete the loop). Compiled by Frifox.


Poobadoo (Kessex Hills)

  • Wanted in connection with multiple harassment and public nuisance complaints. Last seen pestering tengu merchants at their trading post.


Here is his short loop around Kessex Hills provided by Brandon of [LoD]


Prisoner 1141 (Iron Marches)

  • This fugitive escaped from Scourgejaw’s Vault, an Iron legion prison quarry. Target has thus far proven expert at evading local authorities.
  • This bounty NPC runs at full speed and cannot be paused by talking to him like other bounty NPCs.


Here is his incomplete pathing map compiled by members of Reddit Refuge and Aelineus . He apparently reset/disappear somewhere during his pathing. A bigger map can be found here.


Shaman Arderus (Fireheart Rise)

  • The rogue shaman Arderus is sought for his potential usefulness as an intelligence asset. Reported wandering the plains near the burning forest.


Here is his path map carefully constructed by Ranth Gearshot of of Immortals Reawakened. A bigger map can be found here


Short-Fuse Felix (Diessa Plateau)

  • Wanted in connection with several proper-damage suits. Last seen behaving aggressively at Meatoberfest.


Here is a map of the pathing for Short-Fuse Helix in Diessa Plateau created by Dragons in Exile.


Sotzz the Scallywag (Gendarran Fields)

  • Wanted for theft, public intoxication, and lewdness. Target is known to “spirit” himself around the region north of Lion’s Arch in stolen barrels of ale.
  • Note: Probably inside suspicious barrels at the marked locations. Check all the barrels at the marked locations below to make sure.
  • Sotzz is immune to damage until you push him out of the alcohol field he created under his feet.
  • As of March 26, if you spawn Sotzz from a suspicious barrel and don’t attack him quick enough, he will despawn and port elsewhere.


Note that Sotzz the Scallywag doesn’t path and have a random spawn locations in Gendarran Fields. Here are some of the reported spawn spots compiled by Diviner from BURN. Note: He apparently have over 300 possible spawn location


Tricksy Trekksa (Blazeridge Steppes)

  • This self-styled master of disguise is wanted for intelligence debriefing. Reports of out-of-place creatures wandering near Steeleye Span may be related.
  • Note that Tricksy Trekksa is disguised as either Weird Wind Rider, Curious Cow, Mysterious Moa, or Peculiar Pig! They all have identical pathing and which one spawns is purely random.


Here is Tricksy Trekksa’s pathing drawn by Strength. Remember that Trekksa will show up as either Wind Rider, Cow, Moa or Pig!

She has two paths so check both.


Trillia Midwell (Fields of Ruin)

  • Wanted for questioning about attacks again charr merchants serving Ebonhawke peace delegations. Suspected of being a Separatist.


Her pathing map around Fields of Ruin. It is a really short path so it should be easy to locate her. Clockwise path.


Yanonka the Rat-Wrangler (Fields of Ruin)

  • This rogue ogre is wanted for spying on and sabotaging various factions vying for control of the Fields of Ruin. Target is notorious for using pet rats to do her dirtiest work.
  • Look for Suspicious Rats found at the locations marked on the map. Note that not all the locations are marked on the map.
  • Fight mechanics: Has lots of powerful rat pets as adds and seem to shadowstep players a lot. May need a large group to tackle her. Use single target attacks on the boss and do not attack any rats as they will attack you when hit.




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